‘Explore the Bible’ taught in French in the Democratic Republic of Congo

GWC Master’s student, Raphael Mukanya and Bishop Martin Morrison from Christ Church, Midrand visited Bukavu in the DRC in July 2018 to teach the Explore material to a growing church. With French being the dominant language in the region, it was important that Explore the Bible was translated into French. The original translation had some grammatical and theological errors which needed correction. Raphael, GWC English teacher, Astrid Haskins, and Explore translation moderator, Marcus Collins, spent a frantic week before the trip editing the material.

Despite all the translation haste and pressure, they managed to finish the translation on time and the journey to DRC began for Raphael and Martin. The training took five days, from 22—26 July 2018. Throughout the training, Raphael observed some keen interest in knowing more about God and even the willingness of students to test their knowledge. Examinations will be written in French in December 2018.

Nicolas Kyalangalilwa, Augustin and the Explore team continue with the translation of the next module, Explore the life of Jesus. Raphael and Nicolas will continue the facilitation with the DRC groups. May God be praised for the understanding of God’s Word which is being spread through Explore.

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