Explore begins with a Bible overview (Module 1), then moves on to study the One about whom the Bible is about (Jesus – Module 2) and who helps us interpret the Bible, then onto to the birth and growth of the church (Work of the Apostles – Module 3), then a study about God who has given us the Bible, who sent Jesus and who created the way of salvation , and who brought the church into being (God the Creator – Module 4). Then next comes a study of the first books of the Bible (Books of Moses – Module 5), followed by the Prophets (module 6), and then Explore Salvation which looks at God saving people and how these themes run through the entire Bible (Module 7). Finally, we come to what the Christian life looks like (Module 8: Explore the Christian Life).


Explore the Bible – The Bible is the most controversial book in the world. Christians believe it is a message from God. It is where they find out what God is like, why he made the world, what his plans are, how we can know him and how he wants us to live. But many people dislike the Bible’s message and try to prove that it is just another book of human opinions. They feel free to have their own opinions about God, or not to believe him at all. They say that everyone can have their own beliefs and live the way they think best.

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