The Hope Motlhope Student Centre set to impact residential learning

The Hope Motlhope Student Centre was officially opened in August by the present and former principals of the College, Dr Mark Dickson and Dr David Seccombe. This new development represents a substantial investment in residential theological education by the College and its supporters. Some might argue that this is extravagant in an age in which online learning offers cheap and convenient access to theological education. While GWC recognises that various forms of distance education have their place within the educational landscape (our Explore course is an example of one such programme), we

believe that full-time, residential programmes remain the most rewarding form of theological education.

When asked about the most significant aspects of their time at GWC,
a number of students highlight the interaction they have with faculty, both inside and outside the classroom. Other students comment on the privilege of studying in one of the best theological libraries on the continent, and most students recognise the tremendous blessing of engaging in theological study in conversation with other students.

In 2018 our campus was home to men and women from fourteen different countries and many more language groups and ethnicities. In an increasingly globalised world, very few of our students will minister in the same church or city for their entire lives. By being exposed to the background and thought of colleagues from many different contexts, students are able to recognise their own theological blind spots while “doing” theology in a community that exhibits the diversity of God’s creation.

The Hope Centre was designed around not only accommodating students, but encouraging the sort of community in which theological growth can occur. Larger and smaller shared spaces emphasise that we are created to know and love God in community.