GWC welcomes Drs Dick and Caroline Seed

GWC is pleased to welcome Drs Dick and Caroline Seed to the College under the auspices of Church Mission Society (UK) and in association with OCA’s Africa Mile Deep programme.  Their key areas of focus will be among GWC’s postgraduate students within the Evangelical Research Fellowship (ERF) – mentoring postgraduate students toward advancing their studies and developing an educational network into Africa.  Dick and Caroline are the founders of TEDS, an organisation geared toward strengthening theological education in Africa; providing practical training in the art of teaching as it relates to higher theological training.

Dick and Caroline concentrate on training lecturers how to move from the passive teaching of Bible-based truth to a more interactive, participative method of teaching where students take responsibility for their own learning and are trained to discern, apply and impart God’s Word; with a focus on mission, leadership and faith.  It is the lack of having personal encounters with the living Word of God and these skills that has served the proliferation of false teaching in Africa.

For many years, subsequent to ministry work in South Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom, Dick and Caroline have worked in a number of African states, immersing themselves in theological education at numerous Christian colleges and assisting them in curriculum development and making progress toward being degree-awarding tertiary institutions.

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