Sowing Gospel Seeds in Soweto

Q&A with alumnus, Musawenkosi Ntinga, head pastor of Christ Central Soweto

Q:  What led to the planting of Christ Central Soweto?

A:  The idea of Christ Central Soweto was born from a desire by Sowetans from Hope Church to see a gospel centered church in their own township, a church that is relevant to Sowetans yet true to the gospel of Christ.

Q:  Discuss the need for good Bible teaching in Soweto

A:  Soweto is the most densely populated area in Johannesburg with over 1.3 million people (30 percent of Johannesburg).  It is also a place that is very religious and a spiritual place, yet for all its spirituality it is a place where good bible-believing and gospel-centered churches are hard to find. It is a place that is quickly becoming post-Christian and given how strategic it is, this makes Soweto an important battleground for the souls of men.

So, we planted Christ Central Soweto in April 2015 with the vision of reaching 1 percent of Soweto by planting 29 churches in 29 locations within Soweto in our lifetime. We believe that if we reach Soweto with the gospel we will win South Africa for Christ. We are grateful to God that five months into the church plant we are beginning to see this dream fulfilled.

Q: How did GWC prepare you?

A: I am grateful to GWC for the training it gave me, which grounded me in the gospel and helps me to discern the prevalent Christian doctrines in Soweto.

Prayer points:

  • Thank God for the consistent growth in numbers
  • Pray for wisdom as we plan for next year and seek to take advantage of the many doors that are opening.

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