Dr Ashley Null inspires and encourages GWC’s postgraduate students

In May, GWC had the great privilege of hosting visiting lecturer, Rev Canon Dr Ashley Null.
Dr Null is not only an internationally respected scholar on the English Reformation, he also applies the thinking of that time with a pastoral heart in what he calls a “grace and gratitude” theology. At GWC he gave a two week intensive, titled “Scripture and Sacraments in Reformation Anglicanism.”


GWC’s Head of Development, Alison Lee, asked Dr Null for his thoughts on George Whitefield College’s role and impact as a theological college in Africa.  He had this to say:

“It has been such a joy to walk into a class of seventeen students from South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and the Congo.  It struck me how efficient this was. Rather than having to teach at seven different Anglican seminaries, here I was at one.  Teaching at George Whitfield is a privilege not only because of the students’ intellectual commitment and Christian fervour, but also because of the diversity.  One of the characteristics of GWC is it has not only a continent-wide perspective, but also continent-wide participation.”

Postgraduate student, Grace Kavuma, expressed his appreciation of the intensive this way, “My love and confidence as an Anglican grew stronger after the intensive course with Ashley Null. This is because of the emphasis of the reformers; that beyond the traditions and structures of the medieval Church, we needed a genuine pursuit of Scripture as the ultimate authority of the Church”.

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