What is Women’s Ministry?

Ministry to women is fundamentally Word ministry. Here at GWC we teach the Bible to women so that they would ‘be transformed by the renewing of their minds’ (Rom 12:3). We endeavour to raise up strong theologians for the church who are thoroughly engaged in teaching and discipling people.

At GWC, we celebrate the God-given differences between men and women and believe that both were made equal in dignity and status; and both reflect the image of God (Gen 1). In some contexts, God has given different roles and responsibilities for men and women, especially mixed gatherings in local churches (1 Tim 2, 1 Cor 11, 14), but we want more than only to equip local churches. We want to equip the global church through women academic scholars, Bible translators, hospital chaplains, pastoral care workers, Sunday School and youth group teachers. We want women working in any job to be thoroughly equipped to speak God’s Word to the people they work with, and minister to, whether that be at church, in secular work or the ministry of the home.

Trained women mean stronger churches. This year we are celebrating that God has brought 34 women to study at GWC. We’re celebrating because God made men and women to work together, and to glorify him together, and to build up the body of Christ together.