Faculty represent GWC at the Society of Biblical Literature conference

The Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) is one of the premier scholarly communities in the world, engaging in research on the Bible and theology. Each year the international conference draws nearly ten thousand scholars from around the world together, of various faith backgrounds (various types of Christian and Jewish, and even some secular scholars), to discuss what the Bible means. SBL runs alongside a second conference, the Evangelical Theology Society conference (ETS), which is smaller (approximately two thousand people), but represents evangelical Christian thought in particular. In November 2018, faculty members Nathan Lovell, Steve Rockwell and Vuyani Sindo attended the conferences in Denver, Colorado. Nathan and Steve presented papers at ETS, Nathan also presented a paper at SBL, and Vuyani won a scholarship to attend SBL as an emerging international scholar. Not only is the academic exposure enriching for our faculty, and good for our reputation as a premier evangelical theological college in Africa, but the professional networking allows us to build up relationships that are critically important for our postgraduate department. In the end, GWC believes that scholarship serves the church. The flip side of that is that the church is stronger when Christians engage in high-level scholarship.