Principal Matters

The first quarter of the year has seen much progress for the College, both here in Muizenberg as well outside of South Africa. Locally speaking, our larger than usual group of first years have shown great desire to knuckle down and do all that is required of them. Outside the country, our Explore team (of which I was a part) visited Accra in Ghana and spent a week there engaging almost 50 people in facilitator training. As you page through this newsletter you will read more exciting news about what is happening here on our campus as well as what is happening in the lives of our alumni; and also more about GWC’s involvement in theological education elsewhere on the continent. It will soon be Easter, and Christians everywhere will be remembering the cosmic event of the Son of God, who died for us and achieved on that fateful Friday a great rescue which saves and delivers us from God’s just demand that sin be punished eternally, and who came back from the grave as the first of many who will rise with new bodies to live forever like Him and with Him.

GWC wishes everyone who knows these things a blessed Easter.