My COVID Journey

In June 2021, GWC’s Accountant and Bursar, Allan Anderton, was diagnosed with COVID Pneumonia and admitted to hospital. Despite receiving supplementary oxygen, his blood oxygen count dropped to a dangerous level, leading to him being placed on a ventilator in Intensive Care. Still not getting sufficient oxygen, in the following week Allan was given a tracheostomy, which he believes saved his life.

Allan says, “I was in ICU for about three weeks and then was moved to a recovery ward in the hospital for a further two weeks.Slowly but surely I became stronger with the help of the nurses, doctors and physiotherapy. By God’s grace, at the end of July I was strong enough to be discharged and return home. I am so thankful for the GWC community, my friends and family – for all their prayers and concern for me while I was in hospital and even now as I am recovering. I believe that God heard those prayers and healed me and he deserves all the praise and glory. I knew I was not on this journey alone and I thank God for the amazing grace that he has shown me.”