The Hope Motlhope Student Centre is complete – what projects are next?

While the Hope Centre was being constructed, Cape Town was in the middle of its recent drought crisis. This highlighted the need to become independent of Council water and led to the installation of a borehole and water filtration system that meets all of the building’s water needs. In the light of South Africa’s regular power outages, solar panels were installed to meet the building’s daytime electricity requirements. Now, funding is being sought for batteries to be installed that will take the Hope Motlhope Student Centre completely ‘off-grid’.

We thank the Lord that the fundraising for the Hope Motlhope Student Centre was fully realised through two legacy donations from friends of the college. If you are interested in finding out how you can support GWC through your will or living testament, please contact Alison Lee for information on our Seeds for Hope legacy and bequest programme, on

Next, we are planning to develop a children’s play area in the college’s ‘student village’, an enclosed precinct comprising fifteen apartments and a play area. To care for the growing number of GWC community children, we plan to repurpose a ‘granny flat’ within the precinct that will house a new children’s facility on the GWC campus. GWC needs to fundraise ZAR 60,000 to build the children’s facility. If you are able to help, please contact Alison Lee as above.