The Explore Team Update for March 2021

Thank you for your support of Explore through prayer, payments or partnership, helping us to provide the programme in more African countries each year. Even with COVID upon us, we had 964 students complete 1564 modules last year (2020). We also held graduations in three different locations for 38 students.

For those of you unfamiliar with the details of Explore, it is a correspondence or remote learning programme of eight modules led by voluntary, trained facilitators, who teach groups of about 10 students each. Each module, for example, Explore the Bible, Explore the Life of Jesus or Explore the Work of the Apostles, covers a distinct area of our Christian faith. The course is designed around the Lord Jesus and flows from an overview of the Bible as to how to live a life in response to salvation. Each module of about 100 pages is illustrated with tools to guide the student toward a sound reading of the Bible.

The textbooks were originally written by The Rev. Dr David Seccombe, former Principal of GWC for 20 years and three other members of the GWC Faculty. Several revisions and expansions have been made since the textbooks were first produced in English in 1996.

We are excited that Explore has a unique opening in Rwanda to engage with GBUR, or Groupe Biblique Universitaire du Rwanda, a country-wide student group operating on 30 university campuses. This is a marvellous opportunity for Explore to impact Christian discipleship in that country.

GBUR is an evangelical student organisation linked to IFES – the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. GBUR is run by volunteer staff and Explore will provide free training for 11 staff members to become facilitators so that they can form student groups on the campuses, to disciple them with sound evangelical and reformed theology.

The link with GBUR comes through Rukundo Samson, General Secretary of IFES Rwanda pictured here with GWC Principal, The Rev. Dr Mark Dickson, at an Explore graduation in Kigali in 2016.

Rukundu Samson, head of GBUR in Rwanda,
with Mark Dickson at Explore graduation

Explore Manager, Nevil Carrington, commented: “The fact that people who will probably never attend a Bible college are able to study such sound theology gives me great joy. The material is brilliant in the way it takes people to the Bible and shows them how to read it.”

Programme oversight will be provided by GWC Alumnus Pastor Innocent Manirafasha, pictured below, who will coordinate the facilitators and provide overall leadership to the Explore programme in Rwanda.

We look forward to providing you with a full update on the growing expansion of Explore in Africa through the Annual Report, coming to you in April or May this year. Meantime, blessings and good health to you all and to your families.