Getting Ready for Africa’s harvest: Theological Education as a Tool for Gospel Transformation in Africa

by White Zibophe (GWC Alumnus)

Preparing and planning ahead is what each one of us does, or perhaps wishes to do but fails to due to our circumstances. Depending on our next activity, we usually want to think through how to go about it. Preparation and planning have evaluative and historical importance in that they challenge us to think through what has happened, move us to relate that to what is happening, which drives us to consider what might happen and how we could deal with it. All in all, preparation and planning cause one to be ready for the changes that might come up.

You, however, may be asking, “Why are you telling us about preparation and planning?” Well, let me give you the two reasons why I am introducing this to you. First, you may be from an African country (or from outside Africa). You may have heard, or not, but there is a shift of Christianity’s nucleus from the north to the global south (that includes Africa). This shift started at the beginning of the 20th century. Second, you may have heard about, have read or will be reading the 2019 United Nations’ population report, projecting that by the year 2100 the population in Africa would have quadrupled. Taken together, these two factors reveal the need for the church in Africa to be prepared for a great harvest.

You, however, may still ask, “Okay, how then can we prepare ourselves for Africa?” Let me suggest to you that quality evangelical theological education is what we need in Africa. With quality theological education, we would produce quality African evangelical theologians who would not only train and equip others in the many academic theological environments that we will need, but who could also plant and pastor churches, and write materials for the continent’s anticipated growing church. Furthermore, it could benefit Africa if more people did this theological education at an advanced, specialised level.

Still, you might be saying, “Wait a minute White, I am a Christian, I have already done my theological undergraduate and honours degrees and I feel the need to be prepared for the harvest in Africa, what should I do, where should I go?” As someone who has done his Master of Theology degree at George Whitefield College in Cape Town, let me encourage you to consider applying to GWC. The structure of their MTh is inclusive. You can choose the Structured Master’s that would broadly prepare you for pastoral ministry and research, or you could choose the Research Master’s that could prepare you for more formal academic education, but also pastoral ministry. Africa needs you; Africa needs me; Africa needs us to be prepared and to prepare others for the growing church. Are you ready today for advanced theological education?