Studying in every season

The Rev. Claude Barnardo’s working career spanned a period of fifty years and included Accounting, Bible training at the Bible Institute of South Africa (BISA) and church ministry. He retired in March 2018. Acting on a longstanding desire to further his studies at GWC, he enrolled as a part-time student for the BTh (Honours) programme in 2016. We asked Claude how he found being a mature student at GWC.

Q: How are you finding studying later in life?

A: GWC is a great college. The standard is very high and going back to studying after many years is not easy. I find myself having to work twice as hard as the younger students.

Q: Are you enjoying being a mature student at GWC?

A: I am enjoying being among the GWC community with its incredible cultural diversity even though, as a part-time student, my contact has been limited.

Q: What has been the most beneficial aspect of studying now?

A: I have learned so much and in particular through the Research Methods Module, how to read effectively in order to do proper, in-depth research for my dissertation and how to write academically. If I go on to write articles or a book, I feel that I have been properly equipped to do so.

Q: What would you say to encourage others who are considering studying at GWC later in life?

A: I’d say do not hesitate. GWC has so much to offer and even though it is hard work, the learning is so rewarding. The college is doing sterling work in equipping men and women for Kingdom ministry.