Spearheading Explore in Uganda

By Reverend Grace Joram Kavuma

My journey began when I registered at George Whitefield College in 2015 with the desire to be trained in gospel ministry. After completing the three-year degree course, I enrolled for a further period of study and completed my Honours course in 2018. The consistent focus on training a Bible student, to see the big picture that the Bible is one story about God’s plan for the salvation of humanity, had the biggest impact on me. Being able to see how the Old and the New Testaments have the cross of Christ as their central focus amazed me and gave me a firm foundation as a Christian and for doing ministry.

While I was at college I had an opportunity to examine Explore, the GWC correspondence course, and an interest was started in me. I had come across a wide variety of discipleship material but most of them seemed to be focused on a single aspect of ministry, such as leadership, worship or some other distinctive. The uniqueness of Explore is that its genius is the Bible. The Explore discipleship material builds the believer in their knowledge and love of the entire Bible, such that at the end of the day, whatever Jesus commanded and requires of a Christian (Matthew 28.20) is learned from this eight-module course.

My desire for Explore in Uganda is that the course will assist the church in growing and developing strong and faithful Bible-centered Christians in Uganda. Due to the increase of secularism and prosperity-based preaching compromise has entered the Church. And this has seen the rise of traditionalism and culturalism at the expense of Christianity, without Christians even being aware of it.

Our initial focus for the growth of Explore in Uganda is through the dioceses of the Church of Uganda by providing Explore facilitation and training at seminary level. In addition, we plan to reach the more independent churches through partnership with local evangelical organisations. With God’s guidance we believe that Explore will play a great role in developing faithful, Bible-centered churches in Uganda.

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