Postgraduate Students Benefit from GWC Master’s Accreditation

A master’s degree at any institution should prepare you to do three things:

  1. Have a deeper understanding of the relevant field;
  2. Make a compelling argument from the available evidence, and;
  3. Make a modest contribution to the particular field in the form of research.

At GWC, you get more than you would at any other institution. While certainly achieving these first three, you will also be challenged by a loving community of Christians in your walk with Jesus. Theology is after all, the pursuit of the knowledge of God, and at GWC, this is the primary motivation for all study – to know God better.

Acting Principal, Jonathan More, says, “We are thrilled that the educational authorities have recognized the quality of our postgraduate programme and that we will be able to serve those students who want to pursue advanced theological studies. Our first cohort of Master of Theology students is already hard at work studying Jeremiah and the Theology of Augustine.”

Upcoming intensive modules will be taught by Dr Robert Doyle (Theology of Augustine), Dr Ashley Null (16th-century Anglican Theology), and Dr David Seccombe (Luke-Acts).
  – Len Richie  (Postgraduate Student)

GWC Master in Theology