GWC Launch 2018

Theology is a wonderful discipline. It’s wonderful because it’s a subject that requires a living-out of principles learned.

At the beginning of each academic year we kick off with what we call a “GWC Launch.” This two-day event is focused on providing students with an introduction to the year ahead. Students are given a number of addresses, all primarily aimed at exhorting us to grow in the knowledge of God during our time at college, and providing insights as to how this can be achieved, not only in our relationships with each other but also in the study.

These addresses are framed around a flurry of social activities and challenges, from coffee tasting through to sandcastle building, and discovering African theologians. This year, our 48 hours of fun concluded, as all fun ought to, with a sizzling braai, battling against the Muizenberg breeze at the local vlei.

– Warren Trask (SRC President)