GWC Hosts an Invaluable African Writing Project

“What should Africa’s answer be to the prevalence of the prosperity gospel?”

At the annual meeting of the Local Leaders International Africa Mile Deep Strategy in 2020,leaders from six key Evangelical Anglican theological institutions across the continent met to consider this question through the lens of God’s gospel of generosity. Following on from the initial discussions, ten scholars from five of the institutions (including GWC) initiated a project to write curricula and materials to teach generosity as a theological and practical answer to current concepts of prosperity at all levels of society, from grassroots to the academy.

After six months of initial online meetings, the team arrived at GWC in September for a three-month sabbatical of discussions and writing, with the purpose of creating material that addresses this issue in accessible ways. The team were welcomed by GWC faculty, staff, and students and benefitted tremendously from the Broughton-Knox Resource Centre under the helpful vguidance of our librarians. The project is being facilitated by Drs Dick and Caroline Seed of TEDS, who’s currently also significantly involved with TALHITE.