Behind the Scenes: Get to Know Qukeza Xinwa and the 100 Club

My name is Qukeza Xinwa and I was born and bred in East London. Growing up, I was raised by a resilient single mother alongside my four brothers. Our household was deeply rooted in faith, with my mother being a guiding force in our family and a dedicated Sunday School teacher. It was through her unwavering commitment to the church community that I developed a profound understanding of my own faith, finding inspiration in her steadfast devotion to Christ.

Professionally, my journey has been a winding one encompassing roles in both the educational and corporate sectors. I began my career in education, working at an FET college. I held various positions there, from Student Advisor to being involved in the college’s accreditation. After that, I transitioned into the corporate environment, specialising in Recruitment and Talent Management. Currently, I’m employed at GWC working alongside our esteemed partners, the 100 Club.

The 100 Club is a network of churches from around the globe dedicated to supporting our students through financial contributions and prayer. Given my passion for education and empowerment, I’m hugely excited about this endeavour. I believe that my experience in various sectors has equipped me with the skills to navigate the challenges of the working world and make a positive impact. This position also allows me to use my skills by working with people from all walks of life.
I’m grateful for the privilege to collaborate with theological institutions across Africa, assisting in the development of their students and facilitating exchanges with GWC. Alongside Alison Lee, our Executive Ambassador, I strive to ensure that our partnerships are nurtured, fostering growth and sustainability for all involved. Throughout all, I work to maintain the values of my upbringing—integrity, resilience, and a deep- rooted commitment to service. My journey continues to evolve, driven by a passion for empowering others and a profound faith that guides me every step of the way.