The Ark Endowment Fund: Investing in the Future of GWC

ark endowment fund

Initiated in 2021, the Ark Endowment Fund was purposed to sustain the gospel work of GWC by filling the R10m operational funding gap that we’ve struggled to fundraise. Our Ark Endowment target was ambitious: R250m. The interest from that would meet 50% of our annual fundraising target. So, as we write this report, we are praising God because, in 2023, we received a fifth of the R250m target, and we are able to draw R3m from the fund for operational expenses.

To put that in perspective, being able to draw R3m from the fund is the equivalent of finding 30 new donors, each giving R100k per annum in perpetuity. That, naturally, is an incredibly difficult task for our small fundraising team.

The success of the fund has also encouraged us to believe that our ambitious target isn’t unrealistic but achievable in time. All of this not only moves the college towards becoming self-sustaining but also forms part of its strategy for growth.

All donations to the Ark Endowment Fund are once-off contributions with a sustained impact on the kingdom work of GWC. Please click here to read more about the GWC Ark Endowment.

by Mrs Alison Lee