The Power of The Gospel at Work in Mguga, KZN

God at work in Rural Durban

We rejoice when we hear reports of how God is using GWC students to build his Kingdom, and are encouraged when students are willing to be a vessel for his work in unexpected circumstances. This account from third year Sifiso Methula, reminds us that God is at work even when we least expect it, through the transformational saving power of the Gospel.

I have always enjoyed township life, the vibe, style and jamming which makes it easy for house to house evangelism. In the holidays I unexpectedly found myself in a rural area called Mgugu, near Durban, preaching the gospel at a rural funeral.

Before visiting this area, every time I heard the name ‘Mgugu’ my mind conjured up images of a backward place –an uncivilised area. Don’t get me wrong, I did not think that the people are primitive but rather regarded the area as ‘behind’ in terms of urban life, since they still keep cattle and farming to some is still the way of life. Walking long distances to the shops and school is still part of their lives. I have never been there since I don’t have any relative to visit and the fact that the lifestyle is totally different from township life.

During the holidays, I wanted nothing but to eat and sleep since it was a hard semester for me at GWC but a member of the church lost her brother and I volunteered to accompany her to the funeral only to find myself in Mgugu.

When we arrived at the funeral there was no local pastor from the area to conduct the night vigil because the deceased hated church, so I was asked to stand by. I was just wearing a track suit and takkies because the church member warned me about the coldness and I laughed when I was asked to conduct the service, because you can’t preach before elders without a suit on, especially in a funeral setting.

So when I preached that we-saints have grace and peace that comes from God through Christ (Romans 1:7), I was amazed when they paid attention. I was further amazed when boys of my age, five of them, gave their lives to Christ after hearing the gospel.

This definitely changed my perspective and increased my awareness of the gospel ministry that is needed also in the deep rural places.

It is not only the joy of having the sound doctrine but rather the sharing of the gospel to every creature that matters the most, as we are called not only to do in our own context but beyond.

Sifiso Methula, GWC student, second year