New Testament Lecturer – Masimba Yuba

GWC alumnus, Masimba Yuba, finished his Master of Theology degree at the end of 2019 and is currently doing his curacy at St. James Church in Kenilworth as assistant to the Director of Campus Ministries. His Master’s thesis topic is, “The Function of the Pharisees in Luke-Acts: A Narrative Critical Approach”.

In 2021, GWC invited Masimba to lecture a second semester module of the Gospel of Mark to first year BTh students. We asked Masimba how he found being on the “other side of the lectern” and how he found lecturing online. “I have eighteen students in my class between the ages of 18 and 35 years old – but most in their late 20’s, Masimba told us. “This is my first time taking part in academic lecturing and have found it to be time intensive, preparing lecturematerial for my module for the first time. It is different to preparing to preach from God’s Word in a church context, as I have had to consider all angles and arguments when unpacking Mark’s gospel. I have been growing my students in the tools they need to get to grips with Scripture, not just providing information. While lectures in person would have been more interactive than they are online, I have found lecturing and interacting with students enjoyable and very rewarding.”