Lesotho Mission Trip DAY 3 #SheepMadness #MadnessMultiplied

Lesotho Mission Trip DAY 3 #SheepMadness #MadnessMultiplied

Michaela Maree
GWC Bachelor of Theology Student

Now. Today. Day 3 of the Lesotho Mission Trip.

As I mentioned in my first blog about Lesotho, I was going to go to Lesunyane with my team, and then each of the other teams will go to their own village. But because of numbers we are only able to make up 5 teams, which meant only being able to visit 5 villages and churches. Well since then plans have changed drastically. Each team will still be going to one village… except my team. My team which consists of Sam, Kwazi, Bheki and myself, will be running two separate kids clubs in two separate villages while staying at the one village and traveling between the two. We’ll be staying in Dikhameng and traveling to Rapoleboela. At first I my reaction on hearing about having to run two kids club programs in two separate villages was not all jumps of joy. It was more of a long ‘uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh….. okayyyyyy’ considering the fact that the thought of just doing one was already daunting enough especially on top of being taken completely out of my comfort zone for 4 days living in a village with a culture radically different from my own. But then after we spent some time in prayer I realized that we have been given this wonderful privilege of being able to share the gospel with a whole extra village! Which meant my emotions tipped to the other end of the scale. I became so over whelmed by how God is using us to bring his word to so many people all over. He has a plan. He has gone before us in all of this, he knew before that we would be taking on the challenge of two villages at a time instead of one and he will provide the strength we need both physically and spiritually to get his work done. I am so excited for what’s in store for each and every person on this mission trip when we arrive in our designated villages. And I am especially excited for each and every person in those villages who will be hearing about who Jesus is as our King, as the Good Shepherd and as our Friend. I pray they fall in love with Jesus just as each of us here on this mission team have.

I’m not going to give a breakdown of what happened today, as it’s late and I need to get some sleep! But our day was very eventful, it involved making 600 sheep masks and a trip to the river.

And that concludes Day 3 of The Lesotho Mission Trip, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog whilst in the village but do keep an eye out for the next update!

God bless,