Explore Course: Stories of Encouragement, by Ian Barraclough

A letter of encouragement by Ian Barraclough

A couple of years ago some GWC students came up to Holy Trinity, Pietermaritzburg, to spend a week or so with us, and one of them spoke about the Explore Programme. This immediately struck a chord with me because I had been feeling that I wanted a fuller understanding of the Bible in its entirety, and what God had revealed to us, his creatures, about Himself. I have not been disappointed!

I have just completed the 4th course, and will soon be halfway! I have found the programme to be challenging without being too academic, and each course has made me more and more aware of God’s great love for us in the atoning sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ. Not only that, how He made this message of salvation known to the Gentile world of the time through the apostles, mainly Paul, and then saw to it that the words were written down, passed on and translated, so that we in the 21st century can read and understand them. There will be times when you will feel lazy. Don’t give in! Put in the effort and you will be rewarded with a greater knowledge of, and love for, our infinite, loving and gracious God.