A Tribute to Melvin Tinker from REACH SA and GWC

The Reformed Evangelical Anglican church of South Africa records with great sorrow the passing of Melvin Tinker from his labours on earth. Although we rejoice in the fact that he is present with his Lord, we grieve with his family and friends and pass on our sincere condolences to Heather and her family.

Melvin had been a regular visitor to our shores for many years. We always appreciated his thoughtful Bible talks and his penetrating analysis of the ongoing developments in Anglicanism worldwide. He was a welcome guest in our pulpits and many of our people appreciated his books which are always biblical and Christ centred.

Melvin’s focus on the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and his sharp analytical mind was not only a blessing to us but a challenge also. It was a spur to do better Gospel work. We loved him and Heather as fellow brother and sister in Christ.

We pray for God’s blessing of peace and comfort to be with his family during this time and the months ahead and we thank God for a life lived for the Glory of God and the Gospel of a crucified and risen Saviour.

Bishop Frank Retief (on behalf of REACH SA)