The college is situated below Muizenberg Peak in Muizenberg, a sea-side suburb of Cape Town, 25 minutes from the city centre. The main teaching centre (Bishop Morris House) and the study centre (Broughton Knox Centre) are on Beach Road, 70 metres from the beach. These buildings house lecture halls, a library, a study centre, a computer lab, a chapel, and administration offices. Nearby are the faculty centre, three residential blocks, a residential “village” and an old hotel waiting reconstruction as a student centre and residence. There is a women’s residence located about 300 metres from the campus centre.

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About half of GWC’s students live in college accommodation and enjoy the advantages of Christian community, good food,and library and study facilities near at hand.Foord House caters for single men. There are single and shared rooms and each room has its own ablution facilities. Students in Foord House and the Women’s residence eat together at Foord House and students from other residences are welcome to join them. There is a weekly luncheon for the whole college.

The college also owns apartments near to the main campus which it rents to student families at much less that market rates.