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Explore the World’s Creator

It may seem strange to wish to explore God. Surely God cannot be put in a test tube or on a work bench and examined. He is far beyond our reach. However, as we shall see, God has revealed Himself in a personal way and therefore makes it possible for us to explore Him—explore what He has disclosed of Himself—in the same way as two people might seek to get to know one another (although God already knows us perfectly). Such exploration is essential to all friendships, and if we would know God, we must seek to know Him as He has chosen to make Himself known.

This module will lead you further than knowledge about God. We’ll also consider the relationships between God and His creation, God and human beings, God and the spirits, God and society, God and history, God and the Lord Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit.

Pray that your exploration will lead you to a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him. There is no greater subject for our thoughts and explorations than God Himself. ‘Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent’ (John 17:3).

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Unit 1: The Revealer

  • Many different religions but only one true God
  • How God reveals Himself
  • Does God speak directly to us in our hearts?
  • What part does the Holy Spirit play in revealing God to us?
  • Why does God make Himself known?

Unit 2: The Creator

  • Creation: A good place to start
  • What do we learn about God from His creation of the universe?
  • Different beliefs about creation
  • God’s rights as creator of the universe

Unit 3: The Sustainer and Provider

  • God’s relationship to the physical world
  • How do we account for science and the laws of nature if God governs all things constantly?
  • The extent of God’s governance of the world
  • God’s governance over history
  • God’s plan throughout history
  • How should knowing that God is governing and guiding all things affect us?

Unit 4: The one true God

  • Why do we insist that there is only one God?
  • Other religions and gods
  • Should we not be more tolerant of other religions and gods now that Jesus has come?
  • Knowing that there is only one true God affects our thinking and living
  • Should Christians fight with those who do not believe in the true God?
  • Does the existence of the devil compromise the supremacy of God?

Unit 5: The great king

  • God as a king
  • How did God come to be seen as Israel’s king?
  • How does God intend to be His people’s king in the future?

Unit 6: The Holy One

  • A brief introduction to systematic theology: What is God like?
  • What is holiness?
  • God’s holiness
  • What does it mean when God’s people are said to be holy?
  • How was atonement finally made?
  • Living a holy life

Unit 7: The God of justice and righteousness

  • God’s justice
  • God’s righteousness
  • A closer look: What is righteousness?
  • What does it mean to say that God is righteous?
  • God’s desire for justice and righteousness in the world today
  • The Christian response to injustice and unrighteousness in the world

Unit 8: The God of love

  • God’s attitude to His creation
  • God’s love for people
  • God’s love declared in the new covenant
  • How does God wish us to respond to His love?

Unit 9: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • The Father is God
  • Jesus is God
  • The Holy Spirit is God
  • How to make sense of the Trinity

Unit 10: Worshipping God

  • What is worship?
  • How we should worship
  • The relationship between church services and worship
  • Knowing God affects how we worship Him