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Explore Salvation

In this module of Explore we’ll look at the story of salvation as we find it in the Bible. Salvation is the central message of Scripture. God spent at least 4000 years preparing the way—laying the foundations—before He sent His Son to save us. Therefore, we start by looking at the promises and pictures of salvation in the Old Testament. Without them, our understanding of salvation is impoverished and often skewed.

In this module, the study of salvation will include the doctrine of the person and work of Christ, as well as the story of salvation in Old and New Testaments, our need of salvation, and the fulfilment of the Great Commission—bringing salvation to the world.

Explore Salvation – Contents Page


Unit 1: The Story of Salvation

  • Where do we find salvation?
  • An overview: The story of God’s salvation plan
  • How you can be part of the story

Unit 2: The Need for Salvation

  • The doctrine of original sin
  • Four observations regarding sin
  • When does God step in?
  • Old Testament salvation
  • New Testament salvation

Unit 3: The Promise of Salvation

  • The protoevangelium
  • The Abrahamic Covenant
  • The Mosaic Covenant
  • The Davidic Covenant
  • The New Covenant

Unit 4: Pictures of Salvation

  • Adam and Eve: Covering and substitution for sin
  • The sacrifice of Isaac: The Lord will provide a sacrifice
  • The Exodus: God’s rescue of His people
  • The Levitical Sacrifices
  • The Suffering Servant

Unit 5: The Saviour

  • The birth narratives and what they tell us about the Saviour
  • Jesus’ nature: Fully human and fully God
  • Christ’s deity, according to the Chalcedonian Definition of the Faith

Unit 6: The Cross

  • Jesus’ ministry leading up to the cross
  • What did Jesus say about the cross?
  • Notes about the cross from Acts
  • Notes about the cross from the Epistles

Unit 7: Understanding the Cross

  • Sacrifice
  • Victory
  • Justice
  • Healing

Unit 8: The Resurrection

  • Jesus’ appearances after the crucifixion
  • The evidence for the resurrection
  • Jesus’ resurrected body
  • The meaning of the resurrection

Unit 9: Ascension and Pentecost

  • The Ascension: when?
  • The Ascension: why?
  • Jesus receives the Holy Spirit from the Father
  • Pentecost: Why did Jesus send the Holy Spirit?
  • Pentecost: A reversal of Babel

Unit 10: He reigns on high

  • The Great Commission
  • He reigns!
  • Fulfilment of the Abrahamic promise
  • When will Jesus’ Messianic reign end?
  • Jesus will come again