The impact of Explore in Kampala

The African Enterprise partnership in Kampala:

A case study between AE Uganda and GWC commenced in November 2017 with the training of 42 facilitators in Kampala in preparation for the African Evangelistic Enterprise Uganda proclamation mission which was to take place in September 2018. This case study included the involvement of untrained pastors in the study of the Explore material. In February 2018 this partnership developed with the enrolment of 192 new Explore students. The involvement of this large new group of students into Explore groups was one of the exciting developments from the case study, and establishing new channels of communication between Explore and AE has been a challenging experience.


Explore Open Day in Kampala


Prayer Items:

  • Thank the Lord for the growing number of Explore students in the Kampala case study;
  • Pray for continued facilitator support for the 19 facilitators in Kampala;
  • Pray for wisdom as AEI and GWC plan the improvement of the case study for rollout into other African countries where AEI is represented.


Dr. Eleanor Magongo’s experience of Explore:


“I first heard about Explore from my husband- Ps. Richard, who attended the training in November 2017 and returned excited about this wonderful approach of understanding the Bible that talks about the Bible as one story pointing to Jesus Christ. I got excited and came to listen and learn more when I was invited for the one day conference in February 2018. This was a good eye opener to the way the Bible should be read and understood. What stood out for me at this interaction was that the Bible is many books, but one story. This was really exciting and so I resolved to join an Explore group and I look forward to taking this Explore journey to the end.

Our group is composed of pastors and I have loved the small group sharing so far. I have also loved the way the book is structured; I am now focused in the way I interact with the bible. I have found myself having more time to spend reading the bible myself. Explore has driven me to read the Word of God more and more and this is strengthening my personal devotion to the Word of God.

I recommend that a standardized facilitators’ manual be developed that outlines a step by step approach for each unit because different groups will have different skills of facilitation. In the event that a group has a facilitator who is not skilled this will compromise the quality of the material.”

Dr. Eleanor Magongo


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