Explore Growth and Future Development

The growing use of smart phones in Africa has seen the development of an Explore digital exposure.

The Explore online application, multiple-choice examination system, Explore classroom and a smart-phone App are in the advanced stages of development, and will be available in July 2019. Our thanks go to OCA and Moore College for their involvement in this project.

The African Languages Translation project  is progressing, but this is proving to be an extremely difficult task as we strive to maintain the integrity of the original material.

Growing number of graduates

During this year, we have seen continued growth in the number of students completing all the modules. The number of Explore graduates has grown steadily over the past three years and this year 65 students graduated, which is almost double the number from 2017.

Two separate graduations were held in 2018, one at Christ Church Midrand and one in Cape Town.

The Midrand team, led by Bishop Martin Morrison and Rev. Roydon Frost, were ably assisted by the Explore Administration ladies who flew up to Johannesburg for this very special occasion.

The Explore graduation at Christ Church Midrand

The annual GWC graduation service included 32 Explore students, of whom 20 received their certificates in abstentia. Those present were students from Cape Town, KZN, Mpumalanga, Port Elizabeth, and Zimbabwe.

The Explore students who graduated at the annual GWC Graduation


Prayer Items:

  • Thank the Lord for all the Explore students in various churches throughout Africa;
  • Pray that many of this year’s graduates would continue with their studies as they seek to know God better.

New horizons

The digital age is upon us and we are well advanced in making the Explore course, with multiple choice examinations available to any smart phone, in any country. This project should be complete by July 2019.

The development of an Explore Higher Certificate in Bible and Ministry will be complete in 2019. We have completed six core modules as well as one elective. By the end of 2018 we will have a further core module authored as well as one further elective. The remaining modules will be completed in 2019.

The translation into eight African languages is proceeding and is being carefully monitored by our moderator Marcus Collins. With the possibility of new funding we aim to progress substantially in the next two years.

We will be launching the Explore material in West Africa in March 2019 at a seminar where we plan to host delegates from ten West or Central African countries. The revised GWC / AE partnership strategy will assist in the establishment of Explore in Ghana.

The growth of Explore in the next twelve years will necessitate some changes in 2019 / 2020 with the addition of new staff. We will be establishing a hub and spoke organizational structure in five regions across the continent with country Facilitator Coordinators (GWC graduates) at the center of each hub. Succession, sustainability and the integrity of the material and the facilitation process are some of the key factors driving this staff growth.

Major prayer items for 2019

As we end an exciting year we need to be reminded of the guidance and wisdom provided by the Lord during this process. It has been said that the Lord is marching across Africa and Explore is struggling to keep pace. But, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Explore is expanding and a 3-year strategic direction for the college has been approved by the GWC Board in principle which should build structure and capacity to accommodate the new growth.

  • Pray for wisdom for all those involved in the new strategic direction of Explore;
  • Pray for the wise selection of country Facilitator Coordinators to manage the hub and spoke structure being developed;
  • Pray for the partnership with African Enterprise, that the Lord might take their gifts and those of GWC and combine them to deliver His Word into the African continent;
  • Give thanks for the current Explore supporters and pray for new partners, both prayer and financial;
  • Pray for the funding requirements for development of the necessary structure for the Explore of the future, for the once-off costs such as translations, ongoing overhead costs and specific project costs such as the launch in Ghana;
  • Pray for the resources required to speed up the process of translation so that the Explore material may be offered to an ever increasing number of students in Africa;
  • Pray for the accreditation of the Higher Certificate Course in Bible and Ministry including the completion of the outstanding modules and
  • Pray for guidance in the succession plan, which is vital to the sustainability of Explore.




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