We welcome your interest in legacy giving. A legacy left to GWC will help us raise up preachers and teachers who will faithfully share God’s Word. Africa needs leaders who can bring the message of hope and salvation to the continent.

As you read this, 700 GWC graduates are working throughout Africa and the rest of the world, sharing the Gospel through ministries in churches, charities, and businesses, all helping to fulfil GWC’s vision:

“That Africa be filled with preachers and teachers who deeply love the Lord Jesus and who have a profound understanding of Scripture, in order that Africa may increase its share in the Kingdom of God.”

In leaving a gift to GWC in your Will or Living Trust, you plant a seed for hope, as your donation enables us to carry out our mission:

“To shape MINDS via a classical theological education, create HEARTS devoted to Christian service, and train VOICES to effectively communicate the Word of Christ.”

As Christians, we are assure in 1 Peter 1:4 of  “…an inheritance that will never perish, spoil, or fade…” kept in heaven for us. Others are able to share in this eternal inheritance as the Gospel is shared by our alumni.

Grant Porthen, a GWC graduate, shares the Hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His testimony is of God’s mercy, which transformed him from a life of gangsterism to living in service of the Lord Jesus Christ. Grant rejoices, “Lives are being changed as the Word of God reaches into the hearts of individuals. Hallelujah!”

A gift through your Will or Living trust is one of the most effective ways to provide for GWC’s future. By giving to GWC in your Will or Living Trust, you are able to retain your assets through your lifetime. In addition, your estate, if large enough to pay estate taxes, may benefit from a charitable estate tax deduction. Remember, you are able to change your Will any time.

Ways of Giving through your Will or Living Trust

There are different ways to include GWC in your Will. You may wish to leave GWC:

  • A stated monetary amount
  • A  percentage of your residual estate (whatever remains after debts, expenses, taxes, and specific bequests have been paid)
  • A special asset, such as securities or other marketable property
  • A unrestricted gift: this gives GWC the flexibility to use funds where most needed, but you can choose to give specifically to the following projects. Your gift will be used accordingly:
    – Bursaries for Disadvantaged Students
    – Lectureships
    – Facility Development
    – Endowment Fund

Whatever you decide, we commit to using your donation wisely towards the fulfilment of our vision.

If Seeds for Hope is something you would like to support, please click here to download and complete the form, and supply it to your financial advisor or lawyer.