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The Universal Compass:
Why Study the Bible?

The Universal Compass (by Dr David Seccombe, Principal of GWC 1993-2012) is an easy-to-read and very helpful book explaining further why you should study the Bible, why people should do so full time, and why you should consider George Whitefield College as a place to do that. We hope that as you read it you will find yourself in growing agreement with its central message.

CLICK HERE to view or download this book.

Archbishop Peter Jensen’s Visit to GWC

Peter gave an excellent talk on conversion. He began with a kind prologue about GWC and the importance of theological education:

Peter Jensen: Prologue (0.5mb)

The rest of the talk on conversion is in two parts:

Peter Jensen: Conversion Part 1 (5.7mb)

Peter Jensen: Conversion Part 2 (4.4mb)


What is Biblical Theology?

Throughout its history, George Whitefield College has considered the discipline of Biblical Theology to be one of the most important — and yet most neglected — evangelical disciplines. Many scholars take it for granted that the Bible is a ragged collection of disparate books written by human authors. Biblical Theology operates on the belief that man’s words in the Bible are at the same time the Word of God, and that there is indeed a coherent unfolding plan of God that unites the books together. To learn more about this key idea that forms such a central part of our teaching, read Ross Anderson’s article on Biblical Theology.

Articles, Sites, and Downloads

Useful site for reading the Bible in Hebrew Greek:

Davidson’s Analytical Hebrew & Chaldee Lexicon [55mb]. This has been scanned and made available for free online, but that version is in one long pdf with no bookmarks. Looking up a word is quite laborious. To assist in this, we have divided the document into a separate part for each letter of the alphabet. Download the bits here.