GWC is a young college, but we have already outgrown one campus and greatly expanded our campus in Muizenberg to prepare for the opportunities of the future. In our strategic plan, we have outlined a goal of growing to 200 full-time students, a faculty of 13 and a staff of 15. Our survival and growth depend in Christ Jesus upon the generosity of His people. Consider giving to one of our projects.

Property Fund

In addition to the upkeep of existing buildings, we have a number of long-term development projects underway. The major need is to build a new student residence and dining hall (The Hope Motlhope Student Centre). We have already purchased the site: a century-old derelict hotel, which we demolished in 2013. Foord House, the present single students’ residence, is becoming too small and will be redeveloped as part of the educational complex, once the students are re-housed in The Hope Centre.

Other pressing concerns involve the growing need for accommodation for married students. So far we have kept pace with the demand, but every year there are more families.


It is critical for the future of the College that we plan ahead so there are always sufficient spiritually and academically gifted teachers to cover our programmes. Our own postgraduate programme is essential for the training of future faculty, but we still must seek specialised teachers from outside our ranks. Most of our departments require additional teachers. Setting up a new lectureship is costly, but one of the most important things we can do in building a quality training college. Some existing lectureships are insufficiently subscribed. You could help to support a lectureship.

Donate to the Library

GWC aims to create a fine library and resource centre – not only for students and researchers, but also as a repository of Christian literary culture here in Africa. The library needs to keep up with newly published works, fill in the gaps with older quality books, and remain up-to-date with electronic resources. We welcome financial donations, or the gift of books and other library resources.


Explore is a solid and affordable correspondence program, designed for Christians in Africa eager to investigate their faith more deeply. Church leaders who are unable to train in a college find this course just what they need. Students study modules in Biblical studies, doctrine, church life and history (the full list is on our website).

It presently sells about 1000 courses a year. Feedback from users assures us that it is hitting the mark. GWC is launching a three-year project to increase the number of users. We think 10,000 is a realistic goal. The course has already been translated into Xhosa, Zulu, and Portuguese. An electronic version is planned with a Bible and other resources included.

The Whitefield Partnership

The Whitefield Partnership is a community of donors who belong to the life of GWC on a longer-term basis, as regular financial contributors and prayer partners. Members are also invited to our Annual Lecture and other GWC events. Anyone can join this group, but we encourage all our alumni and those who receive our newsletters to belong. Even a small monthly donation can make a difference.

The GWC Endowment Fund

You can contribute to the long term stability of the GWC by making a provision in your will. GWC is gradually accumulating an endowment to generate income for its operations, or you may wish to support a particular ministry or project. Ask us for information on how to include the College in your will.

Please get involved with one or more of these important projects, and help evangelical theology flourish in Africa.

Gifts to GWC and the GWC Trust (for bursaries) are tax deductible in South Africa. Donations from abroad may also attract tax concessions. Please enquire with us.