Information about Part-time Studies:


Subject choice:

A student chooses the modules that interest them (information on modules offered is found in the prospectus). A student doing part-time studies would choose modules offered out of regular full-time semester programme as we do not offer special modules outside of this programme. A student needs to be able to attend the modules at the times that they are offered. Lecture timetables for Semester 1, 2016 will be available in December 2015.

How to apply:

A student completes a full Part Time Application Form and waits to hear from faculty on an acceptance. Part-time students must indicate which courses they would like to take. Students must indicate whether they are working towards a Higher Certificate, a Bachelor in Theology, Honours etc. or simply studying courses as a means to grow. Students must meet the entrance requirements for these programmes. The prospectus contains information on the entrance requirements.

Timeline of studies:

The one year (full time) Higher Certificate can be completed part-time over 3 years. The three year (full time) Bachelor of Theology can be completed part-time over 6 years. Honours completed over 3 years.


Once accepted and enrolled, a part-time student pays a registration fee in their first year of studies and pays fees for each module that they register for (see fees schedule). Fees are charged on the basis of the number of credits that the part-time student is enrolled for (the prospectus indicates how many credits a specific module carries).


Part-time students must attend a registration session which is scheduled by the Assistant Registrar. Students will register for modules, collect semester timetables and will be informed of important college policies. Registration for part-time students is scheduled for the 21st January 2016 and 4th July 2016, from 14:30-16:00.